About Noe

Awaken Your Inner Dreamer

From San Francisco, California comes a singular musical voice.  Noe Venable writes Ethereal Folk Music for Seekers.  Music to awaken magic and inspire wonder.

Journey to your fringes to connect with your wild soul.  Lose yourself in dreamy acoustic soundscapes infused with symphonic, world music, and art-pop elements.  Sing along to stirring lyrics that evoke the mythic, always with a fresh turn of phrase.  

When Noe’s fans are asked to describe her music, they call it

Elven, dreamlike, and entirely original.

Here are a few more of their descriptors:

HauntingPenetratingShadow realms. RedemptiveTender.

Priestess.  New myths.  Revealing the unseen.

Noe plays guitar, piano, and Celtic harp.  In order to capture a vibe of maximum intimacy, she does most of her recording at home.

Along with her music, Noe maintains an active online community where like minded souls connect around nature, spirituality, and the creative life.

She looks forward to connecting with you!