Cascadia - Physical CD
Cascadia - Physical CD
Cascadia - Physical CD
Cascadia - Physical CD
Cascadia - Physical CD

Cascadia - Physical CD

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Escape into the world of Cascadia - a forest of imagination, where disenchantment gives way to wonder. Ten songs and one spoken word piece celebrating the lure of the wilderness, the quiet power of human resourcefulness, and the discovery, amidst the struggle and strife of life, of that which can be trusted.

Cascadia was released in 2013.  It comes in an eco friendly cardboard folder, with full color many page booklet including all lyrics.

Track Listing:

1. Lights and Fences
2. Sorrow’s Ending
3. Goldenrod
4. The Hidden Word
5. Water Carves the Mountain
6. Song for Dan
7. Honey of Experience
8. Feather and the Quill
9. Antlers
10. Spirit House
11. Fathering Sun
12. I Was Unnamed


Musicians Include:

Noe Venable - Guitars, piano

Todd Sickafoose - Bass, Piano

Mathias Kunzli - Drums, Percussion, Jaw Harp

Alan Lin - Violin

Payton MacDonald - Marimba

Odessa Chen - Harmony Vocals

Yair Evnine - Cello


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