The Summer Storm Journals - Digital Download

The Summer Storm Journals - Digital Download

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Lose yourself in wild, tender songs that explore personal upheaval, and the bold freedom that lies beyond releasing the old.  This song includes the most piano based songs of any of Noe's albums.  Intricate, atmospheric, chamber folk arrangements featuring violin, cello, trumpet, upright bass, and marimba.

Summer Storm Journals was released in 2009.

What They Said:

"This album saved my life."  - A Listener

"The world… that Noe Venable creates and inhabits in her songs are wondrous… The artist uses some elements of jazz in this record, but in a mystical, even medieval kind of way. Always painting, never grooving or riffing in more normal ways. Scapes of many shapes… This is an outstanding work."   -

Mystic-pop album of the year: Noe Venable, “The Summer Storm Journals.”  - SF Gate

Spellbinding.   - Cutting Edge Voices

Track Listing:

1. Woods Part of When
2. Prayer for Beauty
3. Sea of Possibility
4. Ice Dragons
5. Into the Wild
6. Onion, One Day
7. Swim With Me
8. Flower in Time
9. Sparrow I Will Fly
10. Fangs of Discipline
11. Ambassador
12. Army of Nows
13. Lion Dreams

Musicians Include:

Noe Venable— Voices, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
Todd Sickafoose— Bass, Keyboards, Loops, Programming
Alan Lin— Violin
Dean Sharp— Drums
Payton MacDonald— Marimba
Russ Johnson— Trumpet

This album is also available as a Physical CD, here.

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