Sanctuary of Song - Uncover Your Singing Voice

Sanctuary of Song - Uncover Your Singing Voice

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Join Noe Venable for eleven weeks of singing, self-development, and intergenerational community in Noe's weekly online singing circle.

This weekly self care space offers the chance to lift up our voices, go deep, and find meaning and personal resilience through the combined powers of song and story.

Our season takes its inspiration from a story from Celtic mythology - the journey of the Selkie woman to find her lost skin. Using this story as a jumping off point, we'll explore themes of authenticity, belonging, and the journey home to ourselves... Through song!

Who It's For:  Female identified persons and non binary folks who are drawn to sanctuary spaces that center the feminine

(Note to male identified persons - if you'd be interested in a singing offering like this one, do let me know, and I'll consider creating one!)

When:  Eleven Sundays, 9/13 - 11/22, 3:30 PM - 5 PM Pacific Daylight Time.  (For other time zones, please consult your time zone calculator of choice.)

Where: Online, via Zoom video conferencing.  Upon registration, you will receive a PDF download including access links for the meetings. 

What We'll Do

  • Sing. Each week, I'll teach new songs related to the story's themes of authenticity, belonging and the journey home to ourselves.  Gorgeous, easy to learn rounds and chants you'll love to learn and sing!
  • Share in groups of three. Through small group discussion, we'll engage heart-opening questions. Time limits will be employed, to ensure that each person has equal time to speak, or to enjoy the silence, as you choose.
  • Turn Inward - We'll use song as a meditative practice, a space for nourishment and self-reflection.
  • Guided Meditation - To help deepen our connection to inner wisdom, we'll integrate guided meditation to connect personally with powerful archetypes in the imaginal realm.
  • Celebrate Community -Our season closes with a “Skillshare / Soulshare.” On this day, all members of our community are invited to share an offering from the heart - (previous offerings have included laughter yoga, breathing, poem, song, and so much more.) Participation is optional, but it’s always a lot of fun!


    • Uncover Your Voice.  Gain confidence and ease with singing!
    • The Songs!  Learn beautiful, nourishing songs. Songs to keep in your pocket and carry with you for a lifetime!
    • Community.  Connect with an intergenerational community of warm and inspiring souls!
    • Self Care.  Weekly immersion in a virtual sanctuary to renew and inspire.
    • Imagination.  Unlock the power of mythic imagination through story and song!

    Financial Investment

    Your financial support helps me support my family, and also to continue my work as a recording artist.  Thank you so much for that support!

    However, accessibility is important to me.  If you would like to join us, but cannot afford this cost right now, please fill out our scholarship form, here.

    If you are new to Noe's singing circles, and would like to try out the group before you commit, you can schedule a free trial here.  

    Thank you for reading, friends.
    I look forward to seeing you in circle!